Cinematics Club Induction Details

Cinematics is inducting!! The time has come to ignite the creative spark in you. Students from all the years and all branches are most welcome.
Learn the art of film and video communication by working with a bunch of dedicated film making aficionados.

If you are passionate about any of these fields, this platform is the best you can get.

Ideation and Story Telling
Script and Screenplay writing
Art Direction
Video Editing
Music and Background Scoring
Sound Design
Production Management
Team Management
Publicity and Sponsorship

*Photographers and Graphic Designers are most welcome to be the part of the Still Photography, Poster Design and Motion Graphics team.
Dedication and creativity is what we are searching for. đŸ™‚

Tasks for the induction will be uploaded in our facebook page or website (under construction) on Saturday.
Stay connected with us.


We are so involved in our world that we often overlook our surroundings. There are infinite things to learn from the little things around us. All we need, is an open mind, a change in perception. The simple language and the positive attitude in the video will channelize a new energy in you. Even though this video was made for teachers’ day, the message that it has its relevance in all the times to come. This video shares one such beautiful story.
Watch and learn to never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

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The video recently got featured in some popular blog sites too.

This Video Beautifully Sums Up How The Little Things Around Us Can Teach Us Big Lessons