Cinematics is the official film making club of NIT Rourkela founded in 2014 by the concerted efforts of a few film enthusiasts. The club ever since, despite a few hiccups has promoted the culture of Film Making and Cinema among the students of NIT Rourkela.
We strive to create meaningful, enlightening and entertaining content. The club houses a herd of passionate movie lovers who give their best to foster script writing, direction, cinematography, sound design, acting and over all film making as a whole, thereby giving students a lifetime opportunity to explore all the aspects of cinema in a meaningful and productive manner.
By offering film screenings, speakers, and production opportunities, we strive to expose and educate our interested student body about the various domains of cinema and movie making and at the same time.
The club functions as a democratic family giving due importance to the opinions and views of each member. Every member of the club is given ample opportunities to showcase their potential. To continue the club culture, meetings are organized every week and inductions are held every semester to welcome fresh talents on board.


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